Don’t put this herb in the fridge – Sniff it right away

Basil is sensitive to coolness. INKA SOVERI

About 30 million pots of herbs are produced in Finland each year, it is stated in the release of the Commercial Garden Association.

Here are five tips for using fresh herbs

1. Fresh herbs should only be added to the food at the end of cooking so that their aromas and nutrients remain.

2. In recipes, one tablespoon of fresh chopped herb equals one teaspoon of dried herb.

3. Mild herbs such as basil, parsley and dill taste great when added with a brisk hand, for example in salads, on top of soups and in sauces. Herbs with a stronger aroma, such as rosemary and sage, come into their own even with a smaller amount.

4. For soft-stemmed herbs, you should use all parts of the plant – you can also chop the stems into, for example, a sauce or an omelette. The green parts of woody herbs are used.

5. Always store cold basil and lemon balm at room temperature, for example in a water glass with its own plastic wrap around it. Other fresh herbs thrive in the refrigerator, for example, wrapped in a damp paper towel.

The National Herb Week is celebrated in the week starting from March 11th to 17th.