Donana Law | The PP freezes the processing of the Doñana law until the 28-M elections are over

The processing of the proposal Doñana law that PP and Vox direct in the Andalusian Parliament will be frozen until the next municipal and regional elections have passed May 28. From now until then, no further procedures are expected in the Autonomous Chamber. Only later is it possible to open a negotiation to try to find solutions that allow the withdrawal of a law on which the European Commission has already clearly stated that it violates community law and European directives and that it could lead to sanctions from Brussels.

Until the polls are closed there will be no more movements, as confirmed by the Andalusian Government and the parliamentary group. The norm was registered by urgent procedure and that does not change, insist sources of the Executive. Deadlines will be met and can be approve before in july the Chamber goes on vacation. “Nobody withdraws anything”, they warn from the PP, but until the elections pass there will be no more movements within the Development Commission, which must now follow the processing of the proposal to expand the irrigated hectares in the North Crown of the Park Donana National. The next step is to set the appearing calendar and give the green light for political, economic and social agents to go through Parliament to give their opinion on the text. PP and Vox have requested that the third vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, attend the Chamber. Among those mentioned are also environmental groups and relevant names from the scientific community, who have already shown their perplexity because this standard is processed in a “dramatic” and “critical” moment due to the drought in the National Park.

Waiting for the Ministry

The proposal, which has caused a serious uproar with echoes in Brussels and confronts the Junta de Andalucía and the Government of the Nation, began on April 12 with the votes of PP and Vox and strong opposition from the rest of the parliamentary groups, the alert from the scientific community and the notice from the Ministry for Ecological Transition that they will take the rule to the Constitutional Court. This Thursday, Vox took advantage of the government control session in the Andalusian Parliament to challenge Moreno, who has opened up to possible changes as requested by Brussels and to find “alternative solutions & rdquor; with the Government of the nation to give a way out to Huelva farmers who in 2014 lost irrigation rights over their agricultural lands in a strawberry management plan approved by the Andalusian Government, then in socialist hands. The Andalusian president has advocated finding “imaginative” solutions such as exchanging land for farmers. The Government demands the withdrawal of the norm to call the Board to dialogue because, he warns, they do not negotiate “illegalities”.

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From the confrontation with various gangs this Thursday in the Andalusian Parliament, it has become clear that there is no issue right now, not even the conflict in public health, that has the echo of Doñana and that raises the decibels of tension and confrontation to the same degree political. The president of the Board has made it very clear that “arrogance & rdquor; that the opposition groups attribute to him, who accuse him of having approved a text “the hard way & rdquor ;, is the one that the Government of the nation has, to whom he assures that he has “six months & rdquor; requesting a bilateral meeting to find solutions without anyone heeding the request of that meeting.

Vox, which has been diluted in the middle of the confrontation between the Andalusian president and Pedro Sánchez for Doñana, tried to claim its space, making it clear that if the initiative is processed again today in the Andalusian Parliament it is because Santiago Abascal’s party insisted . “What Brussels says really worries us little”, said Vox spokesman Manuel Gavira. Faced with the clear challenge to the European Commission, Moreno has taken the opportunity to distance himself and make it clear that there are big differences between the PP and Vox: “You are Eurosceptics and we are Europeanists”, calling once again for dialogue with all the agents involved in the conflict.