Doing! You can see free performances at these living rooms in Zoetermeer

Visit concerts, watch cabaret performances and admire cabaret artists; that is Peeping at the Neighbors in a nutshell. The event will be celebrated again this year in Zoetermeer on Sunday 5 February.

At Gluren bij de Buren there are performances throughout Zoetermeer. Not in a concert hall, like in De Boerderij, but simply at Zoetermeerders’ home! This allows you to enjoy the performance in an intimate setting. Sometimes it is in the living room of one of the locals and sometimes in the garden.

Peeking at the Neighbors in Zoetermeer

In Zoetermeer you can choose from about 40 performances spread across the city. All shows last 30 minutes and are between 12pm and 5pm. You don’t have to pay anything to visit a fellow townsman, but you can make a voluntary contribution. This is to cover the costs surrounding the event and to organize an edition of Peeking at the Neighbors next year.

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Photo: Maarten J Eykman

Program of Peeping at the Neighbors in Zoetermeer

Would you like to watch one of the performances? Then you can here find the program. How about a musical performance at the Leidsewallen or a cabaret performance at the Nansenrede? You can see it during Peeking at the Neighbors!

Make here your route with your favorite performances.

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