Does the result of the national elections influence professional practice? -Brand

Democracy is welcome and the result chosen by citizens is respectable because the popular will is always respectable.

However, the working conditions of the lawyers who practice the profession may be affected according to the measures taken in the future.- And this may occur, beyond the ruling political party, and according to the measures that are intended to be carried out.

If acquired rights are restricted; If the National Constitution is not respected, violating constitutional guarantees, then, without a doubt, professional practice will be affected.

If absolute freedom of contract is sought, and the tariff law is not respected, then legal workers will be affected in their salary, which is neither more nor less than the fee.

There are legal groups that want the disappearance of the bar, which is the only voice we have in defense of our work.

Let us remember that very recently bills appeared so that divorces can be carried out without lawyers, in an administrative manner. That it is intended that lawyers become informers for our clients (money laundering law), that successions be carried out by notaries.

All of these attacks have been, until now, stopped by the legal profession as a whole, through the associations of the entire country.

Our profession is constantly attacked. That is why we have the obligation to remain united, together, to repel these attacks.

As always, the most vulnerable are the new lawyers, who are just starting out in the profession.

Let us keep in mind that there is a large mass of legal professionals who are suffering from economic vicissitudes that do not escape all professions, jobs or trades. There is no job for everyone.

They need the free sponsorship that the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital gives them, as well as free academic training. All of which benefits enrollment and society as a whole.

We have the obligation to give citizens a license with expertise, with training, so that lawyers are never again spoken of in a derogatory manner.

On April 16, 2024, there are elections in the CPACF.- Participating with your vote is the only way to change reality.

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