Doc in your hands 4: previews, plot, cast, release date

THEthe ending of Doc – in your hands 3 he ended the season on a high gathering in front of the TV 5.6 million viewers and recorded a share of 27.5%. Doc has outdone himself: the first episode of the third season had totaled 5.3 million. In short, Doctor Fanti, his personal vicissitudes and his team in the Internal Medicine department of the Ambrosiano keep up – and you already think Doc – in your hands 4.

“Doc – In your hands 3”, the exclusive clip of the last episode

Some were disappointed by the ending expecting a flashback between Andrea and Giulia. Someone else, however, is enthusiastic, and can’t wait to know how the story will continue between Doctor Fanti and Agnese, who will have to fight with all her strength against the recurrence of the tumor. Giulia will become the head doctor of the Ambrosiano and we will certainly find the young people of the department and their tutor Riccardo again.

How it ended Doc- in your hands 3: the end

Agnese (Sara Lazzaro) told Doc the whole truth about Bramanteon the benzodiazepine case, on the pact that Fanti (Luca Argentero) made with the man who aimed to lead the Lombardy Region to save Agnese’s life, about the trip to New York and how he turned into the “bastard prince.” After having made that pact and having breached professional ethics by putting personal affairs ahead of patients, Fanti was never the same again.

In the last episode Doc also learns from Agnese that the tumor has returned. They decide to fight together once again. But first they resolve the issue with Bramantewhich in the meantime it was admitted to the ward after a fight with Doc.

In reality, the man candidate to lead the Region was harboring an illness well before the clash with the head physician of the Ambrosiano. Doc diagnoses aggressive encephalitis and saves his life. Finally, together with Agnese, they frame Bramante by declaring everything about him on the benzodiazepine case in the nursing homes.

Giulia (Matilde Gioli) wins the competition to become a head doctor in Rome, but Fanti decides to leave his role at the Ambrosiano, to become a simple doctor and to take a leave of absence to follow Agnese’s path. Giuli will therefore become the new head doctor of the Milanese hospital.

Martina manages to pass the exam Systematic pathology 3 thanks to Riccardo’s help (Pierpaolo Spollon), Federico (Giacomo Giorgio) decides to stay in the Internal Medicine department instead of moving to his father’s clinic. Something will blossom between him and Lin? Probably in the fourth season.

What is known about Doc – in your hands 4?

It will certainly be done. Filming is expected to begin in May 2025 and is expected to air in 2026. Luca Argentero will be there. Maybe for the last season? We’ll see. The actor declared: «You can go on for ten years because it’s a wonderful story».

The series should have ended after three seasons, but given its success Lux Vide and Rai Fiction continue their production adventure. On Instagram the production company led by Luca Bernabei commented on the success of the last episode: «It’s not goodbye, but goodbye».

Matilde Gioli and Luca Argentero in “Doc – in your hands 3”. (Viginia Bettoja)

Argentero also thanked his friends, colleagues, travel companions and the public on social media: «We have created a world that I am very proud of. Thanks to all of you who followed us and supported us: every gram of your affection dried our tears and our sweat. The future is yet to be written. Love will always be the protagonist. Doc, in your hands the future is a little less scary».

The meeting between Doc And Don Matteo 14

Meanwhile, we’ll find Doc again Don Matteo 14 (from April 4th on Rai 1). In the commercial aired immediately after the last episode of medical dramaAndrea Fanti meets Marshal Cecchini (Nino Frassica) in the Carabinieri barracks in Spoleto. Cecchini is worried because the new Captain is about to arrivewho will take Anna’s place (Maria Chiara Giannetta).

The police officer La Talpa (new character of the season) is accompanied by another person, Doc in fact. It will be the head doctor of the Ambrosiano who saves La Talpa from a sudden illness. But who will be the new Captain? We will find out in the first episode of Don Matteo 14.