Doc – in your hands 3: sixth episode plot and previews

Nothe sixth episode of Doc – in your hands 3 (tonight at 9.30pm on Rai 1) Fanti is deeply disappointed and shocked after learning from Agnese about the betrayal with Bramanti in 2011. He cannot rest: but why talk about that betrayal 15 years later? The ex-wife wants to protect Andrea from a more inconvenient truth.

“Doc – In your hands 2”, previews and exclusive clip of the series with Luca argentero

Meanwhile, everything is happening in Milan: Diana Novelli shows up at the hospitalbut this time it’s not a hallucination: daughter Greta is not well. Furthermore, while everyone is at work, an earthquake strikes which shocks the Ambrosiano and beyond. Fanti gets trapped in the elevator with a woman who is about to give birth.

Doc – in your hands 3: the plot of the sixth episode

He shows up at the hospital Greta, daughter of Diana Novelli, has a swollen leg due to a blood clot caused by falling from a bicycle. Doc (Luca Argentero) doesn’t believe the girl. She suspects something else after discovering an old fracture on the x-ray. Comrade Luca is a violent manbut Greta doesn’t want to disappoint her mother and prefers not to confess anything to her.

It also shows up in the department Elisabetta, with her son Pietro. This time it is not a routine check-up due to Purpura. In the last few days she has had severe nausea. Damiano Cesconi (Marco Rossetti) wants to see clearly and admits the woman in love with the doctor. But he’s not ready for a story, his heart still beats for Giulia (Matilde Gioli).

The most striking case of the episode is that of a woman arrived at the Ambrosiano to give birth earlier than expected. During the transfer to the ward an earthquake blocks the elevator where there is the woman, a nurse and Andrea Fanti. There will be complications. Mattia, the unborn child, has no intention of waiting for the technicians to arrive, furthermore the woman has bronchial problems. Doc will do anything to save mother and son.

Agnese’s lies for Doc’s sake

It’s not just Andrea Fanti who suffers after learning from Agnese (Sara Lazzaro) about the betrayal with Bramante (Diego Ribon). Even the ex-wife can’t find peace. He argues with his partner Davide who decides to leave her: «So you can get your Andrea back» he tells her. In fact, Agnese told her ex-husband a lie to protect him from something bigger.

Giulia (Matilde Gioli), in Rome due to his research on benzodiazepines, he suggests that Doc leave the past behind and take back his life. It seems like the two can’t do without each otherdistance helps them understand their feelings better. Giulia returns to the Ambrosiano at the most critical moment of the third seasonwhen Milan is overwhelmed by an earthquake.

Sara Lazzaro is Agnese Tiberi. (Virginia Bettoja)

Riccardo wants to leave the Ambrosiano

While Giulia continues her search to be able to enter the competition as head doctoralso Riccardo (Pierpaolo Spollon) is serious considering leaving the Internal Medicine department. In fact, he was asked to dedicate himself to sports medicine and the national Paralympic team. According to Doc, leaving the Ambrosiano could be a big mistake.

Federico (GJames George) instead he seems to be more and more attached to that place which at the beginning of the internship he hated and tolerates his father less and less, who is becoming obsessive. The doctoral student will give up the secured position in the family eye clinic? Lin too (Elisa Wong) has not resolved the problem with his parents and continues to sleep at Federico’s house.

In Doc – in your hands 3 Martina risks big

Martina (Laura Cravedi) risks two trials penalties: one for abuse of the profession and one for forgery of a public document. As the public knows by now, she does not have a degree. He will have to try to give the thesis and hope that someone doesn’t notice. But a former university friend, who works in the Ambrosiano pharmacy, suspects something.