Doc in your hands 3: plot of the seventh episode, previews, cast

SLet’s get to the final bars of Doc – in your hands 3. Tonight at 9.30pm on Rai 1 goes on air the penultimate episode of the medical drama made in Italy with Luca Argentero. We will soon find out what it is big secret (actually there are two) that Agnese hides and if his heart still beats for her. Well yes, it seems that things aren’t going very well between Fanti and Giulia.

“Doc – In your hands 2”, previews and exclusive clip of the series with Luca argentero

The doctor publishes her research and may be admitted to the competition for primary doctors in Rome. If you win, will you move to the capital? And will Andrea follow her or remain in her department at the Ambrosiano in Milan? Riccardo certainly doesn’t want to leave the Internal Medicine department anymore. Martina, on the other hand, has a big problem to solve.

Doc – in your hands 3: the plot of the seventh episode

Tonight’s it is one of the most exciting episodes of the third season of Doc – in your hands. The doctors at the Ambrosiano have to deal with the case of Yu, Lin’s sister (Elisa Wong), with Elizabeth’s serious illnesswho doesn’t seem to want to stop, and with the meningitis of Giorgio, Alba’s father, to whom Riccardo (Pierpaolo Spollon) is particularly close.

Yu arrives at the hospital with bleeding in his abdomen. At first the doctors think of a sexual infection or liver failure, but suddenly the girl has cerebral ischemia. Lin’s father, with whom he has a bad relationship, decides to move her daughter to a private hospital. Doc (Luca Argentero) dissuades him and together with the young resident they will try to understand what Yu has: this it could also be Lin’s great opportunity to redeem himself with his father and show him what he’s worth.

At the same time, the department works on another very delicate front: Elizabeth’s illness, increasingly aggressive. Damiano (Marco Rossetti) is desperate, he no longer has weapons at his disposal, but the biggest concern is Pietroson of Elizabeth and Samuele (Damiano’s brother), who has no intention of taking care of him. Who will be entrusted with the twelve-year-old if the mother is unable to overcome the critical moment? Elisabetta’s sister comes to her aid.

Luca Argentero marries Cristina Marino and then speeds around Città della Pieve in a sidecar

Luca Argentero marries Cristina Marino and then speeds around Città della Pieve in a sidecar

Something is creaking between Giulia and Fanti, while Agnese is getting a divorce

In Doc – in your hands everything is possibleas in classic American medical dramas or Marvel films. When everything seems resolved, something or someone intervenes to mess up the cards. In last week’s episode Giulia (Matilde Gioli) and Andrea closed the episode with a kiss. Tonight, however, we find them in crisis. Andrea can’t find a minute for Giuliaits patients and the medical department are the top priority.

Doc doesn’t find a balance between work and private life, just as it happened before the unfortunate accident that erased twelve years of memories. Giulia, on the other hand, has grown up since then and she has no intention of changing the man she loves, but she has to admit to herself that it doesn’t work between them.

The doctor, also encouraged by Fanti, decides to publish her research and participate in the competition to become a head doctor in Rome. Andrea will get closer to Agnese (Sara Lazzaro) now that he’s getting a divorce? The woman also has two secrets to confess to her ex-husband: one which concerns the data of the patients passed clandestinely to Bramante and the other which is more personal to her.

Luca Argentero and Matilde Gioli in “Doc – in your hands 3”. (Rai press office)

Riccardo does not leave the department. Martina is in serious trouble

Even residents have to overcome delicate moments. Lin manages to redeem himself with his father after solving his sister’s clinical case. Federico (Giacomo Giorgio) is increasingly enthusiastic about working in that departmentbut he doesn’t know how to tell his father, convinced that he will soon move to his ophthalmology practice. With the hospitalization of Giorgio, Alba’s father, Riccardo will have to face his fears and make an effort to try to smile at life again.

Martina (Laura Cravedi) is seriously in trouble. Antonio, her former university friend whom she met in the hospital pharmacy, threatens her: if she doesn’t go out with him she intends to spill the beans.

She takes her time, studies to take her final exam and graduate, but anxiety catches her off guard once again. Martina doesn’t know what to do and in a moment of weakness he confesses everything to Riccardo, who doesn’t take it well at all.