Doc in your hands 3: plot of the last episode, previews, cast, ending

Sevening at 9.30pm up Rai 1 there is the last episode of Doc – in your hands 3, and Luca Argentero in the role of Doctor Fanti. What happen? A lot of. Meanwhile Agnese confesses everything to Andrea: what happened in New York in 2011;, why she invented the relationship with Bramante and why he blackmailed her in exchange for data on the Ambrosiano patients.

“Doc – In your hands 3”, the exclusive clip of the last episode

Fanti learns that he saved Agnese from the tumor by making a deal with Bramante: it was he who introduced the use of benzodiazepines in nursing homes, to keep patients at bay and save on staff. Fanti had discovered it. The collateral characters, as one might imagine, conclude their journey positively: Federico does not give up on the department. Lin has reconciled with her family. And Martina?

Doc – in your hands 3: the plot of the last episode

The first episode is a flashback that takes place in 2011when Agnese (Sara Lazzaro) is diagnosed with cancer and given nine months to live, and when Doc (Luca Argentero) discovers that Bramante had introduced the massive use of benzodiazepines into the nursing homes, through his cooperative to keep elderly patients at bay and cut jobs. Fanti wants to do research on the use of the drug and frame Bramante, who has ambitions as a politician and not as a doctor.

Doc discovers the excessive use of benzodiazepines after the hospitalization of a series of patients and a certain Gianfranco, who is managed by Lorenzo (Gianmarco Saurino). The elderly man feels weak and has broken a femur due to taking the drug imposed by the RSA where he lives. Fanti has a direct comparison with Alberto Bramante (Diego Ribon) who does not mince his words: “Either you withdraw your research or I’ll ruin you”. Andrea is ready to continue his battle, but Agnese’s health is in the middle.

How Fanti became the “bastard prince”

The only hope to stop Agnese’s cancer is to participate in an experimental trial in New York. However, the places are sold out. Bramante could lend her a hand by making a deal with Andrea: the withdrawal of his benzodiazepine research in exchange for a place in the trial. The head doctor accepts, but has betrayed the principles of a doctor and put personal interests first.

Fanti is torn by remorse and will never be the same again, turns into the “bastard prince”, as he was called in the department. Then came the accident that caused his amnesia. Agnese tells everything to Fanti.

“Doc – In your hands 3”, Sara Lazzaro is Agnese Tiberi. (Photo Virginia Bettoja)

Bramante is hospitalized after Fanti’s attack

In the second episode of the evening entitled Freethe timeline is the canonical one. Fanti confronts Bramante, the two have a scuffle and the candidate for the regional elections faints. He is admitted to the internal medicine department. The politician accuses Doc of the attack, in fact he is afraid of the case of benzodiazepines ruin his climb to the Lombardy Region. The police interrogate the head physician, who risks a conviction for attempted murder. In reality, Bramante has an important pathology.

Doc wants to resign: «Life has presented me with the account of everything I have done», he says to Agnese, who has an idea to frame Bramante. She also confesses to her ex-husband that she has relapsed. Fanti feels the world collapsing around him: everything he has done in the past years has been for nothing. «The remedy is not to erase the evilbut to accept that it is part of us and live as long as we have life”, Agnese is convinced. They will fight together again.

“Doc – In your hands 3”, Luca Argentero is Andrea Fanti. (Photo Virginia Bettoja)

What will happen to Giulia, Martina, Federico and Riccardo?

Giulia (Matilde Gioli) wins the primary competition in Romebut perhaps an unexpected turn will keep her in Milan. Federico (Giacomo Giorgio), as was predictable from the beginning, decides to continue his specialization in the Ambrosiano department: «I have always been attached to my father’s expectations, I understood that I don’t want to be a puppet». Lin (Elisa Wong) has found some peace of mind in family and especially with his father.

What will happen to Martina (Laura Cravedi)? The resident resigns and tells the whole truth about the degree to her department colleagues too. Riccardo (Piepaolo Spollon) talks to herapologizes for his abrupt attitude and convinces her not to throw everything away: «Go back to doing what you know how to do». With the help of the tutor, perhaps Martina will be able to pass the systematic pathology 3 exam.

“Doc – In your hands 3”, Pierpaolo Spollon. (Photo Virginia Bettoja)

Doc- in your hands 4? And the crossover with Don Matteo 14

There are all the conditions for a fourth season of Doc – in your hands. The narrative lines are open on all fronts. It will be the last for Luca Argentero? His character is running out of supplies now. A strong new entry could be expected, as happened to Don Matteo, when Terence Hill was replaced by Raoul Bova.

On purpose, Don Matteo 14 will arrive on Rai 1 starting from 4 April with new episodes and Doctor Fanti himself will appear in one episode. Marshal Cecchini (Nino Frassica) is tense about the arrival of the new captain in the barracks: Everything must be perfect and everyone must be at attention.

Suddenly the officer La Talpa arrives together with a 45 year old gentleman, a familiar face: it is indeed Doc. He will be the one to save La Mole from a sudden illness.