Do not put a wet phone in the rice

Apple warns about the common known rice crack and tells you how to actually act if moisture gets into the phone.

According to Apple and DNA, for example, a wet phone should not be immersed in rice. Adobe Stock / AOP

Contrary to what is often advised, it is not worth sealing a wet phone in a bag with uncooked rice. According to Apple, finely divided pieces of rice can damage the phone. Even Samsung does not recommend using rice in the drying instructions.

If the phone warns that liquid has been detected in the charging connector, according to Apple, the device should not be charged before it dries except in an emergency, even if it is a water-resistant phone.

– If you charge the iPhone when the Lightning or USB-C connector is wet, the pins of the connector or cable may rust and cause permanent damage or stop working, resulting in connection problems between the iPhone or the accessory.

Apple advises to remove the liquid that got into the charging connector by gently tapping the phone against the hand with the connection facing down, and to leave the device for half an hour in a dry place with air flow. In its instructions, Samsung recommends using, for example, a fan to generate air flow.

If the phone that got wet is older or otherwise non-waterproof, DNA has instructed to turn off the phone immediately, dry it with a cloth and leave the device in a dry place for two days before turning it on. In its instructions, DNA also warns against using rice because of the finely divided rice dust.

– After a dip, it can also be very tempting to dry the phone as quickly as possible, but under no circumstances should you put it on the boards of a warm sauna or under a hair dryer. The heat can overheat the connections, loosen the device’s adhesives or break its components, DNA Kaupa CEO Sami Aavikko said in a press release a couple of years ago.

If a non-waterproof phone has fallen into salty seawater, Elisa recommends rinsing it with fresh water before drying, because salt accelerates corrosion when it gets inside the phone.

Elisa also warns of possible fine dust entering the phone if the phone is immersed in rice. However, it recommends rice nix, but advises to wrap the device in, for example, paper towels before mixing in the rice.

Sources: Apple, Samsung, DNA, Elisa

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