Dive into a hell full of deadly insects; In Helldivers you are never alone

An attack on popular games such as Fortnite, Warzone and GTA Online. This is how Helldivers 2 was introduced. Does that attack have a chance of success?

What is the game about?

Literally translated, helldivers are people who dive into hell. And so it is. You land on a planet with up to three friends and engage in a battle against a horde of gruesome aliens, who grab hold of them with their tentacles. They must be destroyed because they threaten our planet.

What kind of game is it?

A shooting game that is best played with friends. Helldivers falls within the so-called GaaS genre, Games as a Service. One of the best known representatives is Fortnite . You download the game (whether for free or not) and continuously receive new content. There is a revenue model within the game. In case of Helldivers The game costs 40 euros and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a battle pass, for example. You can also unlock that in a few evenings.

Is an attack on titles like Fortnite and War zone not hopeless in advance?

You would think so. But Hell divers 2 can boast excellent sales figures. The success was beyond expectations immediately after release. So big that the servers could not handle it, especially in the first days. Once you’re online, you’re in for a treat.

Why is the game so fun?

Because of the constant tension. Just take the countdown timer. If you don’t complete your mission in time and return to the ‘extraction point’, you will die. Deadly aliens also appear everywhere and are constantly breathing down your neck.

Are you on your own?

No, you play in teams and there is help from above. Because motherships are circling in the sky, which you can ask for support. It can sometimes be quite useful to eradicate a gigantic insect nest from the air or get a big machine gun.

How is the shooting action?

Delicious. Be careful, because ammunition is scarce. You can also kill small creatures with one or two targeted shots. It’s a shame to waste entire warehouses on it. That breaks you up irrevocably. And also watch out for your sizes. If you accidentally hit them, they die.

Is Helldivers also fun on your own?

At first, but let’s be honest, you’ll have more fun with this with friends. One with a bang and the other with stealth. The later levels are no longer possible on your own. So as a loner you quickly put the game aside.

Is it a keeper?

It’s possible, but in this genre everything depends on the new content. The question is what the game will look like in a few months. But at first glance I say yes. A devastating attack on Fortnite and War zone It’s not, but it’s certainly a nice alternative.

Hell divers 2 , for Playstation 5 and PC. Developer: Arrowhead, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment. Age 18+.