Dispute over Lichtenberg trailer park escalates

The trailer park on Hönower Wiesenweg in Karlshorst Photo: Ufuk Ucta

By Stefan Peter

The evacuation of the illegal trailer park in Berlin-Lichtenberg scheduled for Monday is becoming increasingly unlikely. First the district parliament spoke out against it, now criticism is also coming from the Senate.

The 200 or so residents of the trailer park (consisting of caravans and containers) in the Karlshorst district are in a state of excitement – they are threatened with eviction on Monday. At least that’s what the district office announced.

Labor Senator Cansel Kiziltepe (48, SPD)

Labor Senator Cansel Kiziltepe calls for the trailer park to be gradually emptied (symbolic photo) Photo: picture alliance/dpa

Kiziltepe is against the eviction

But after the district council meeting, Social Senator Cansel Kiziltepe (48, SPD) also raised her concerns. She wrote a letter (available to BZ) to district mayor Martin Schaefer (48, CDU).

“I can understand the district’s plight very well,” said the politician. However, she is against the eviction: “Many residents are worried about being left without a place to stay.” Hence her request: “It seems advisable to me to carry out a gradual evacuation.” In this way, all residents, especially families with children, can have a suitable concept be presented.

Another problem for Mayor Schaefer: According to BZ information, the police rejected a request for administrative assistance from the district office and did not want to support the eviction on Monday.

According to reports, Interior Senator Iris Spranger (62, SPD) also wants to influence Schaefer to cancel the eviction.


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