Dispute escalates at football game – coach punched and kicked!

Football (symbolic image)

Football (symbolic image) Photo: Eibner press photo / Jan Strohdiek/dpa

From BZ/dpa

Escalation during a kick in Neukölln!

A dispute between athletes from two soccer teams in Neukölln has turned into a fight. According to their own statements, the police went to the sports field on Buckower Damm on Sunday afternoon.

There, players from both teams are said to have initially had a verbal argument and then became physical.

When a 38-year-old trainer intervened, he was said to have been hit in the face with his fist. According to police, he was then pulled to the ground and continued to be punched and kicked. The trainer’s 38-year-old partner, who wanted to help her partner, was said to have been grabbed by the neck and pushed away.

All those involved reportedly refused medical treatment. The investigation is ongoing.


Berlin police football brawl