Disgusting trick from Cristiano Ronaldo who burned his coils

Cristiano Ronaldo did not hide his displeasure.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a bad day. EPA/AOP

From the beginning of the week to his 39th birthday Cristiano Ronaldo nerves were tested when Al-Nassr, represented by the Portuguese, faced local opponent Al-Hilal in the mid-season mini-tournament in Riyadh.

In the middle of the game, Ronaldo got tired of the opposing team’s supporters taunting him with Messi chants. The Konkari superstar turned towards the rioters and shouted to them “I’m here, not Messi”.

At the award ceremony after the 0-2 defeat, Ronaldo was still in a bad mood. He gestured in shock when a media worker happened to pass him in the alley of honor.

Before leaving for the locker room, Ronaldo did not leave it unclear what he thought of the audience that arrived at the Kingdom arena on Thursday night. A blue and white supporter scarf of Al-Hilal most obviously flew in front of the man, who received a really special treatment. Ronaldo picked up the scarf, rubbed it between his legs inside his shorts and threw it back towards the fans.

Ronaldo’s season in the Saudi Arabian league has gone convincingly. He leads the league in scoring with 20 hits.