Discussions about the N34 wind farm near Emmen have restarted after six years

The last word on scrapping Zwartenbergerweg has not yet been said

Pure Energie will still consider the decision of the municipality of Emmen to put the Zwartenbergerweg location on hold for the time being. As with the N34, the developer also wants to realize a wind farm at Barger-Compascuum (seven to eight turbines, 24 megawatts).

“We think it will be a difficult task for the municipality to replace wind with solar on the roof,” responds project leader Matthijs Oppenhuizen. “We also do not think that the energy transition task will benefit from this.”

The developer plans to further explore the location in terms of wind energy. Oppenhuizen cannot yet say whether Pure Energie will object to the municipality’s decision in one form or another. “We have to look into that more closely. But we are not stopping.”

The development of wind farms is hampered, among other things, by the shortage of space on the power grid. In the case of the Zwartenbergerweg, a border treaty dating from 1824 also hindered the development. The treaty does not allow buildings up to 374 meters on either side of the border.

According to Oppenhuizen, a new border vision has been drawn up by governments on both sides of the border. “As a result, this area has been designated as a zone where this is now possible,” says Oppenhuizen.