Discover bats in the dark and the starry sky during Night of the Night

Are you a Zoetermeer who likes the dark? Then the Night of the Night is really something for you! There will be activities in the dark throughout the Netherlands on Saturday, October 28, 2023, including in Zoetermeer.

The Dutch provincial environmental federations organize the Night of the Night for the nineteenth time. The aim of this night is to raise awareness of light pollution in the Netherlands and to combat it. You can also participate in an activity in and near Zoetermeer.

Night of the Night in Zoetermeer

During the Night of the Night in Zoetermeer you can take a bat excursion at the Plas van Poot. The young bats have now grown and are preparing for hibernation together with the adults. But first we have to eat a lot. Discover the bat in the dark with a guide from De Vrienden van Poot. This event is free and suitable for all ages. The excursion starts on Saturday, October 26, in front of the former Dutch Water Dreams in the Van Tuyll Park.

Stargazing in Rijswijk

During the Night of the Night you can also visit the Observatory in Rijswijk. Between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM you can see whether turning off the street lights has an effect on the view of the starry sky. The Observatory is located at Petronella Voûtetestraat 389A in Rijswijk and admission is 5 euros.

Turn off the lights yourself

Would you like to participate yourself during the Night of the Night? You can do this by turning off your (outdoor) lighting yourself. If you are participating, you can report it at the website of Night of the Night.

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