Discontent in the ruling party bunker

It was a long and complex day in the ruling party. To the incredible comeback of Sergio Massa In October another panorama now emerged that seems irreversible. The thing is that in the Government bunker, in Chacarita, the faces are starting to get long. Only the most optimistic expect a favorable result for Unión por la Patria, while the majority is beginning to taste defeat. It will be a long night.

Massa arrived a few minutes after five-thirty in the afternoon. There was total secrecy on his team, although they did release some ideas. “We did very badly in Córdoba and Mendoza. Even in the Conurbano Milei did very well. “It is very difficult,” said a spokesperson. The numbers that had been arriving since the morning did not predict a good result, something that the market also began to notice, where the parallel dollar had already begun to rise. For now there is still silence in the mass movement, but some are already thinking about what will happen on Tuesday when the market reopens after the holiday. Few definitions at this time, but long faces abound in the bunker.

On the other hand, around the bunker the situation would seem to be different. Hundreds of people have already filled the intersection of Corrientes and Dorrego, and flags can be seen, drums and smoke from the choripán. There are several columns, among which those of the Evita Movement and the UOCRA stand out, and some even dared to set off fireworks. Outside there is a stage set up for an eventual celebration, something that at this time seems difficult.

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