Americans are allowed to carry a firearm in public. That is their fundamental right. That is the ruling of the Supreme Court in a case that revolved around restrictions that New York state had placed on the carrying of weapons.

    The state has legislated that residents are only allowed to carry a firearm with a permit. But according to the Supreme Court, New York thereby violates, among other things, the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which states that American citizens can own and carry weapons in order to defend themselves.

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul said she was dismayed by the “outrageous” statement and said it was a “black day”. She called the chief justices who made the ruling “reckless” and said she would do everything she could to “protect New Yorkers from gun violence.”

    The Supreme Court is made up of conservative judges, some of whom were appointed by the previous president, Donald Trump. In this case, six judges were in favor and three against.

    National Rifle Association

    The powerful US gun lobby organization National Rifle Association is very pleased with the ruling, the NRA said via Twitter.

    The Supreme Court’s decision is likely to affect gun laws in other states, which, like New York, impose certain conditions on gun ownership.