News item | 27-01-2023 | 3:30 pm

    At the proposal of Minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom Council of Ministers has approved five appointments of ambassadors in the Western Hemisphere. These are not final until the host countries have given their approval. The appointments will take effect next summer.

    The Kingdom Council of Ministers approved the appointment of ambassadors to the following posts:

    • Colombia, based in Bogotá: Reina Buijs, now director of the Department of Personnel and Organisation;
    • Panama, based in Panama City: Sander Cohen, now Head of International Cooperation, Trade and External Policy at the Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels;
    • Peru, based in Lima: Alexander Kofman, now manager of Services and Relationship Management at the WereldWijd Werken directorate;
    • Suriname, with Paramaribo station: Walter Oostelbos, now temporary acting deputy ambassador to Ankara;
    • Trinidad and Tobago, based in Port of Spain: Cor Hersbach, now team leader Recruitment and Selection at the Department of Personnel and Organization.

    Also appointed as ambassador to the following post:

    • Mali, based in Bamako: Caecilia Wijgers, now on leave, ambassador in Kabul for this.