Dina Ebimbe and Trapp injured: Eintracht Frankfurt disappointed in Aberdeen

As of: December 14, 2023 8:36 p.m

Eintracht Frankfurt lost their last group game in the Conference League in Aberdeen. The loss of two top performers is more serious than the result.

Eintracht Frankfurt lost 0:2 (0:1) at FC Aberdeen. The goals for the Scots in the last group game in the Conference League were scored by Duk (41′) and Ester Sokler (74′). Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe and Kevin Trapp had to be replaced injured by Eintracht.

Eintracht coach Dino Toppmöller rotated as announced and changed his starting eleven to six positions. Oldie Makoto Hasebe started at six, Jessic Ngankam up front. Young player Elias Baum celebrated his starting eleven debut in the right-back position. Niels Nkounkou, Jens Petter Hauge and Hrvoje Smolcic also started.

Dina Ebimbe collapses

In terms of sport, it was no longer about anything, Eintracht were already second in the group before the game and Aberdeen had already been eliminated. A pattern of no value, but one that started disastrously from Hesse’s perspective: in the second minute, Dina Ebimbe collapsed after a harmless duel on the sideline and had to be replaced a short time later. A very bad start, Ebimbe was still the best man on the pitch against Bayern Munich.

The Hessians then needed a while to find their way into the game, Aberdeen holed up in their own half, Eintracht played the ball back and forth around the penalty area. Only a shot from Ngankam from a tight angle became dangerous, but it went just past the post (16′).

Eintracht better, Aberdeen ice cold

As a result, the Hessians gained clear field advantages, Aberdeen were deep but by no means compact, which repeatedly gave Eintracht good chances. A shot from Niels Nkounkou (19th) was parried by Aberdeen keeper Kelle Roos for a corner, as was a shot from Hauge after a nice individual effort (37th). Despite their superiority, the Hessians lacked the final consistency in the finish and the game was a tough affair for long stretches.

Shortly before the break, the Scots showed how to do it better with one of their rare trips over the halfway line. Hasebe lost the ball in midfield, and after a one-two, Duk finished just before Trapp – and scored to make it 1-0, without anyone in the stadium knowing why (41′).

Trapp stays in the cabin

The second half also began with a setback for the Hessians; Trapp had to stay in the dressing room with back problems and was replaced by Jens Grahl. The Hessians continued where they left off in the first half: with a lot of ball possession, but little penetration. Paxten Aaronson’s shot was too lax (54′), Smolcic’s header from a corner was too unplaced. A defender was able to clear substitute Ansgar Knauff’s shot after a one-two with Hauge.

And so the story of the first half repeated itself: Eintracht missed their chances, FC Aberdeen took advantage of them. Smolcic headed the ball in midfield at the feet of Dante Polvara, whose through ball lifted Sokler over Grahl to make it 2-0 (74′). A result that counteracted the course of the game.

And so the Hessians leave empty-handed from a game that is meaningless in terms of sport, the conclusion of which should be that none of the players in the second row recommended themselves for higher tasks. The result will be bearable, but how people in Frankfurt will ultimately look at this game depends on the diagnoses of Dina Ebimbe and Trapp.

FC Aberdeen – Eintracht Frankfurt 2:0 (1:0)

Gates: 1:0 Duk (41st), 2:0 Sokler (74th)

Aberdeen: Roos – Rubezic, MacDonald, Gartenmann (62nd Jensen) – Milne, Polvare, Barron, Duncan, McGarry (78th Hayes) – Morris, Duk (60th Dokler)
Frankfurt: Trapp – Hasebe, Koch (75th Tuta), Smolcic – Baum, Götze (60th Knauff), Larsson, Nkounkou – Hauge, Ebimbe (9th Aaronson) – Ngankam (75th Ferri Julia)

Yellow cards: – / Aaronson
Referee: Bertolo Nogueira (POR)
Viewers: 14,474