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With videoDimitri Van den Bergh (29) has won his second major after the World Matchplay. After a very turbulent week, the Belgian won 11-9 against world champion Luke Humphries in the final of the UK Open.

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After winning the semi-final against Damon Heta (11-6), a thrilling thriller arose in Minehead against the favorite Luke Humphries. Van den Bergh started great and took an 8-4 lead, only to see Humphries come back to 8-8.

Van den Bergh then took over the initiative again, only to miss no fewer than six (!) match darts. But in the ‘decider’ number seven was the right one, after Humphries also missed two match darts: 11-9. A great moment for ‘The Dreammaker’, who broke down in tears during his striking speech after a turbulent week.

Van den Bergh’s surprising tournament victory was a nice boost for Belgian darts, which was negatively in the news last week. Kim Huybrechts received a fine and formal warning from the DRA, the darts disciplinary committee. The investigation came about after complaints from fellow darts players Dimitri Van den Bergh and Mike De Decker. Huybrechts attacked the latter in November, both physically and verbally.

Huybrechts had also previously had an issue with Van den Bergh. That argument took place in June at the World Cup of Darts, the tournament with national teams. “It’s mainly about the private sphere,” Huybrechts said. “Dimitri’s wife has tried to interfere in my marriage, which I don’t like very much. I discussed everything necessary with my wife.”

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Humphries received two match darts in the thrilling final against Humphries, but was initially unable to finish. When Van den Bergh finished it, he was completely crazy. Disbelief took hold of ‘Dancing Dimi’, after which there was another striking speech. “I got gold!”, the 29-year-old darts player from Antwerp shouted at least three times. “You were right. I lost my ‘guts’, my balls, for a moment. That has happened to me several times in the past during important moments. Like in this final. Also when Humphries came back to 8-8. I could barely stand it and had little faith in my own abilities.”

But the choker in Van den Bergh was still a winner. “I have already tried to do a lot about that mental aspect. Seeing a psychologist was the last thing I wanted to do. Until I gave it a chance. And now look: I have the gold!”

Dimitri Van den Bergh. © Marcel ter Bals

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