DIM, Ayacucho, River Plate and Liga de Quito, to the group stage

03/17/2022 at 07:12


The goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera saved two penalties and was the figure of the Sports Independent Medellin (DIM), which fell 2-1 with America in the second leg of the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana but qualified for the group round by winning the series on penalties 1-3. In regular time of the game played at the Pascual Guerrero stadium in Cali, the local goals were the work of the midfielder carlos sierra and of Adrian Ramoswhile for the Powerful he equalized, provisionally, the Argentine Luciano Ponsand central defender Andrés Cadavid missed a penalty.

In the DIM, the goals from the penalty shootout were the work of Cadavid, who claimed responsibility; Argentine Adrián Arregui, and Raúl Loaiza, who scored the final, while Jean Pineda failed. Larry Angulo scored in the penalty shootout for the Red Devils and the Argentine Alejandro Quintana, Daniel Hernández and Elvis Mosquera missed.

The first few minutes of the game were very close and the visitors tried to do damage with the space left by the locals with the elusive Vladimir Hernández. However, América opened the scoring at minute 8 in a counterattack that Venezuelan goalkeeper Joel Graterol started and reached Esneyder Mena on the left side from where he sent a center that Iago Falque controlled poorly but was left to his teammate Sierra, who Falling, he took an unattainable left-footed shot for goalkeeper Mosquera.

The equalizer came just 15 minutes later when Argentine Arregui took a free kick at risk and enabled his compatriot Pons, who with his feints got rid of his rival in the area and scored his first goal in international tournaments with the Powerful. Despite the equality, the locals continued to attack led by Falque, who had two clear scoring options and played his best minutes since he made his debut with the Red Devils last month.

In the second half, América came out like a tractor and kept looking for the goal with which they equalized the series, but Medellín had the first clear goal when center back Jorge Segura shot down Hernández in the area. However, the Venezuelan Graterol got bigger and saved the penalty, a very strong shot by the central player Cadavid in the 56th minute. That was how, just seven minutes later, it became 2-1 in a counterattack led by the winger Elvis Mosquera, who sent a center for Ramos who appeared, after a spike of more than 30 meters, between the two central defenders and, with a header, sent the ball into the back of the net.

As the minutes passed, it began to rain and the match lost pace until the referee blew the whistle for the end of regular time and everything was decided on penalties, where DIM got the classification.

Ayacucho loses to Boys but advances

The Ayacucho prevailed the 2-0 win he achieved last week against Sports Boys to advance to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana, despite falling this Wednesday by 3-2 in the second leg of the series between Peruvian teams. The decisive goals for the Foxes were scored in the second half of the game by the Uruguayan Cristian Techera and by Minzum Quina, while the Boys got excited in the first half with two goals from the Argentine striker Alexis Blanco and another from the creative Luis Ramírez when he mediated the second time.

From the beginning of the game played at the National Stadium in Lima, Boys sought to reverse the bad result of the first leg and after playing with clenched teeth they approached the feat thanks to goals from White. At 23 minutes, the Argentine striker executed a penalty with great solvency, after a foul that he himself suffered when he was shot down by defender Jesús Mendieta when he dangerously entered the area defended by goalkeeper Ítalo Espinoza. Blanco added his second personal at 42, after a series of touches from his teammates that ended in a high cross that fought with a defender and ended up entering the goal after colliding with his body after a weak start by Espinoza.

When all Boys fans were dreaming, the situation changed diametrically in the second half, as the Foxes came out revitalized and discounted, in minute 51, with a shot sent from the center of the area by the Uruguayan Christian Techera. Parity came at 63 minutes, with a shot from the defense Minzum Quinadespite which the Boys did not give up the attack and at 73 took a new breath by getting the third with a shot placed from the center of the creative area Luis Ramirez.

Beyond their attempts to achieve the feat, the popular team from the port of Callao ended up with a pyrrhic victory against a rival who knew how to impose their defensive capacity to assert the victory of the first game and advance to the next phase of the continental tournament.

Sosa leads River Plate to the group stage

With two goals from striker Nicolás Sosa, the River Plate defeated on Wednesday Liverpool by 2-0 and advanced in one of the crosses of Uruguayan teams that had the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana. As expected, after taking advantage in the first 90 minutes of the series, the local team came out to play calmly and was more concerned about the mark than the attack. Well prepared at the rear, Maximiliano Pereira, Horacio Salaverry, Santiago Brunelli and Roque Ramírez were in charge of stopping the onslaught of their rival, who sought to equalize the aggregate since the Argentine Nicolás Lamolina marked the beginning of the game.

This time without Thiago Vecino in attack and with Gonzalo Carneiro as a reference in the area, Liverpool put aside the centers and opted for fast play. In the first part, the number 11 was the figure of the team led by Jorge Bava and who generated the most danger to goalkeeper Salvador Ichazo. Encouraged by a handful of fans who arrived at the historic Centenario stadium, the ‘Negriazul’ team also came close with long-range shots from Pablo González and a shot from Gastón Martirena that narrowly missed the goal.

Achieving their mission, River Plate did not create any danger and only bet on the talent of Gonzalo ‘Chory’ Castro to keep the ball away from their goal, while Sosa and Thiago Borbas never managed to overcome an opposing defense that at times went ahead several meters. Thus, the first part went without emotions.

At the beginning of the second half, River Plate advanced several meters on the field and generated its first dangerous play through Sosa, who narrowly missed the first goal after taking a powerful shot that hit the net on the side that does not go up marker. In this way, the ‘Darsenero’ continued without finishing off any ball on goal, something he achieved for the first time in the 64th minute when he went 1-0 up. Borbas put together the play, Thiago Galletto served the center to the area and bland he broke the resistance of goalkeeper Sebastián Lentinelly with a powerful header that made it 1-0.

A shot that hit the post was Liverpool’s response, although that was the extent of the intentions of a team that started at full speed and deflated with the goal conceded. About the end, backlash, bland he scored again and closed the series in favor of a River Plate team that won again, celebrated and is already thinking about the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana.

Quito League eliminates Mushuc Runa

League of Quito He agreed to the group stage this Wednesday after beating in the local series Mushuc Runewith an aggregate score of 3-1, thanks to the 2-0 win in the first leg played last week and the draw 1-1 of this Wednesday. Precisely, in today’s game Alexander Alvarado scored in the 27th minute for Liga de Quito and the Uruguayan striker Mauricio Alonso equalized for Mushuc Runa in the 63rd minute.

The superiority of the ‘King of Cups’, as the League is also known, was evidenced from the first leg, when he won with goals from Alexander Alvarado and Argentine Tomás Molina. The advantage achieved in the first game and the few demands in this Wednesday’s game, led the League coach, the Argentine Pablo Marini, to make the five changes to rest the main figures, thinking about next Saturday’s game against Aucas of the local tournament.

Liga insinuated itself from the beginning of the game towards Mushuc Runa’s frame with shots from outside the area by midfielder Joao Ortiz and Alvarado, who passed close to Adonnis Pabón’s goal. The insistence of the Quito team paid off, as a bad start by the opposing defense was taken advantage of by the local attackers and Alvarado he scored with a high shot in the 27th minute. The accumulated advantage, which consolidated the classification from the League to the group stage, caused him to slow down his game, while the visitor lacked reaction to try to go out and achieve the feat .

To create some expectation, Mushuc Runa scored the equalizer with a high kick from Alonso in the 63rd minute, but Liga was able to maintain the overall advantage. The classification allowed the League to join Barcelona, ​​which, after the elimination of the Copa Libertadores, went directly to the Group stage of the South American League, and awaits the third-placed team from Ecuador who will leave the match between October 9 and Delfin tomorrow. .