Dilla and futurebae celebrate the “champagne breakfast” in the new music video

On Wednesday (December 7th) futurebae and Dilla released the music video for their single “Sektfrühstück”. In it, the musicians toast their fans and friends and celebrate the existence of the alcoholic drink.

The artwork for “Sektfrühstück” (Source: Virgin Music)

A champagne with futurebae and Dilla

In the clip, the musicians toast with fans and friends and praise their beloved drink. According to the lyrics of the song, you can never go wrong with a champagne breakfast, even at 3 p.m.: “3 p.m., we’re going to have a champagne breakfast. Work tomorrow, but don’t stress me. I do what I like, drink my way through the day.”

As usual, the two commented ironically on the track in the press release: “We sing about the most beautiful drink since grapes existed. A champagne breakfast tingles through your ears straight to the heart and makes you thirsty for more. Our consumption recommendation: serve with ice cubes on a continuous loop!”

The music video is here:

On December 16th Dilla will perform at futurebaes show in Berlin. Tropikel Ltd and TimmyT will also be guests at the musician’s so-called “annual report”.

Listen to futurebae’s latest EP SEKTFRÜHSTÜCK here: