Diletta Leotta is pregnant: expecting a child with Loris Karius

Sti lengthen the list of star mothers 2023: Diletta Leotta is pregnant. The presenter of Dazn is expecting her first child with her partner, the German footballer Loris Karius. After rumors and indiscretions about the sweet expectation, it was she herself who confirmed the stork in flight. With a very tender video of future parents letting go of tears of joy.

Diletta Leotta and Loris Karius: the love story

The one between the presenter and the footballer is a recent love story. Their relationship, in fact, was confirmed only last November, when the two shared their first couple selfies on social media. Before that, only a flirtation was thought of because the presenter, before showing herself with the German sportsman, was paired with Giacomo Cavalli. Which, in turn, had taken the place of Can Yaman. The one with the Turkish actor is perhaps the most famous relationship of the presenter. It seems that the two were one step away from the wedding. Then goodbye. And a new love with which she, apparently, has decided to start a family.

We explode with joy

«We have to tell you something… but maybe you already know it» wrote the couple on Instagram. Moreover, the rumors about an alleged pregnancy had become increasingly insistent. Especially when the followers had noticed a suspicious tummy that seemed to confirm the news of the sweet expectation. Now, however, it is the couple themselves who want to share, between tears of joy and a big hug, all the emotion of the moment. «Let’s explode with joy! Us and my belly. Soon we will be three!» they announced on social media.

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Diletta Leotta, padel and love with Loris Karius: the match, however, is a flop

The baby VIPs of 2023

Diletta Leotta’s baby, therefore, joins the long list of baby VIPs expected, or already born, during the year. We have already welcomed Noa Alexander, Bianca Atzei’s eldest son, and Noè Roberto, second son of Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino. They are already born also the fourth daughter of Alvaro Morata and Alice Campellothe third child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and the fourth child of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Instead, we are waiting for the eldest son of Aurora Ramazzotti and of the second son of Rihanna. Now Diletta Leotta’s first baby is added to them.