Did you know? TTK suits are designed to break down properly

A piece came off Pernilla Böckerman’s outfit, but it didn’t hinder the going.

Social star Pernilla Böckerman and a dance couple Anssi Heikkilä shook the tens row on Sunday Dancing with the Stars – broadcast. Parin foxtrot Kirkan Kites-to the tune of the song made a great impression on the judges.

The good performance is no wonder, as the pair has excelled with their high point pots throughout the season. Is there any way to stop the pair’s winning streak?

– Oh, if I dance badly, Pernilla whispered to Iltalehte after the dance.

– It goes very quickly in the other direction as well. Let’s try to fight against it in training though, Anssi laughed.

One strip of fabric disappeared from Pernilla’s wrist during the dance. Atte Kajova

Pernilla and Anssi danced the best line of the evening. Atte Kajova

The broadcast showed how Anssi picked up a strip of fabric from the stage at the end of the dance, which had come off Pernilla’s outfit. It was the third strip of fabric hanging from Pernilla’s wrist.

– It was left somewhere during the withdrawal. It didn’t hurt the going. It happens, Pernilla said.

Pernilla revealed in an interview that the proper decomposition of the outfits is already planned during the making phase. The hanging parts should not be closed too tightly or they may catch on something, which can be a danger in the whirlwinds of the dance.

– It’s very well made in a costume factory. If it goes, it goes, and there is no danger of it getting caught on something, Pernilla said.