Did you get a message like this from the police? This is a scam message

The police have received reports of several scam messages. Illustration picture. Elena Uve / Alamy Stock Photo, AOP

If you have received a message from the police in bad language, in which the recipient is alleged to have committed a criminal act, it is probably a scam message.

The Helsinki police say they have received reports that the messages in question were sent by the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit Markku Heinikarin on behalf of.

The contents of the scam messages have varied, but according to the police, typical signs are bad language, an allegation of criminal activity and a demand to provide a quick explanation by email. In addition, the messages have come from unknown e-mail addresses. The police would like to remind you that official emails are a form [email protected].

If you receive a scam message

If you have received a fraudulent message in the name of the police, you should delete it, and you should not open any attachments. You should not reply to the message.

However, if you have accidentally replied to the message and provided your personal or bank details, the Helsinki police recommend that you contact your bank. After that, a criminal report must be filed with the police. You can report a crime either at poliisi.fi or at any police station. However, you should not call the emergency center about it.