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A legitimate heir to the throne for Queen frontman Freddie Mercury would of course be worth a lot of headlines. Just think of other sons of great musicians who sometimes had to struggle with the burden of their inheritance.

Youngsters try out Queen style and Freddie Mercury poses

But did Freddie Mercury, who discovered that he was bisexual over the course of his life and had affairs and liaisons with various male partners after his relationship with Mary Austin, actually have children – as rumors keep saying?

Freddie Mercury loved children (as long as he could return them to their parents)

In fact, Freddie Mercury didn’t announce any offspring until his death in 1991. Other companions also gave no information or hints about this.

Although Freddie Mercury was even engaged to Mary Austin in the 70s, both initially planned not to have children. According to Peter Freestone, the singer’s assistant, Mercury was also not interested in children because he was afraid of not being able to cope with the responsibilities of being an artist who also travels frequently. He liked to quickly return children to their parents when he was with them. However, he always enjoyed his time with them.

Freddie Mercury (1946 – 1991) and Mary Austin – here in 1984

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Mary Austin always remained close to Freddie Mercury, he bequeathed part of his fortune to her and referred to her as the “Love of My Life”. However, she later had two sons with other partners. The Queen frontman became godfather to her eldest son, Richard.

It wasn’t the only sponsorship in his life. It is known that he was also responsible for the baptism of Freddie Mack, the son of Queen accompanist and sound engineer Reinhold Mack (who is said to have said to the Queen members at the time of recording “Hot Space”: “It’s easier to have a child than to release an album with you”), took over. The boy was, of course, named after Mercury. He was supposedly there for him day and night. When he was born, the singer is said to have bought an entire flower shop empty. The Mercury solo number “Made In Heaven” is said to be dedicated to him.

There is also often talk of another godchild, but there is no reliable evidence of this.

Freddie Mercury and his cats

Freddie Mercury may have also found a kind of “replacement” for biological children in his life: until his death, he was the “father” of at least eleven cats, which he nurtured and cared for as if they were his own children (like his partner Jim Hutton describes in his book “Mercury & Me”). He supposedly looked after her like the apple of his own eye and pampered her to the fullest. He also created a musical monument for them.

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