Dick Van Dyke, 97, a friend of Maija Poppase, lost control of his car – He veered off the road

Actor Dick Van Dyke lost control of his car and crashed into a guardrail.

Dick Van Dyke, 97, lost control of his car. ETIENNE LAURENT

American acting legend Dick Van Dyke, 97, has been in a car accident. The actor is said to have crashed his car into a guardrail in Malibu, Los Angeles.

The police arrived at the scene of the accident, where Van Dyke’s vehicle was the only car involved in the accident. There were no other parties in the outing.

Dick Van Dyke drove the crash. PDO

The man refused to go to the hospital, even though his nose and mouth were bleeding. First aid suspected that Van Dyke had also suffered a concussion in the accident.

According to information obtained by TMZ, alcohol or drugs had nothing to do with the outing. However, the police may order the man to take a driving test, which will determine his ability to drive a motor vehicle considering his advanced age.

Dick Van Dyke is known for his own title show, as well as his role in Maija Poppase. He also starred in Ben Stiller’s Night at the Museum.