Dick Lukkien full of admiration about ‘absent’ fans of FC Emmen. ‘They had a great role’

After the match against SC Cambuur, Dick Lukkien no longer knew how he had celebrated FC Emmen’s winning goal, but one thing was clear to him: “I was very happy.”

With a big smile and the gait of a winner, Dick Lukkien walked through the catacombs of the Cambuur stadium on Saturday evening, waiting for the questions that would be asked by the present news. After the defeat against Sparta Rotterdam and an extremely turbulent week after the announcement of his departure to FC Groningen, the victory over SC Cambuur was a very nice one, at a very nice moment.

Hypothetical questions

Whether he had feared a storm of criticism if FC Emmen had lost? “Hypothetical questions, about what if, we don’t do that, I once heard from a very wise journalist,” laughed the coach. Let’s look back at the match that was dragged in last minute by a great goal from captain Jeroen Veldmate. With that, the people of Emmen crawled out of the relegation zone for the time being. So the relief was great.

“We played a good first half and also got off to a great start after the break,” said Lukkien. “After that, Cambuur became dangerous through crosses. We had trained all week to block those crosses, but then that 1-0 falls out of a cross. That’s the world upside down. Then I thought for a moment: this is typical for our season so far. That you are better, but still conced another goal.”

Goosebumps on the arms

In the end, FC Emmen managed to repair things. “The way of celebrating was also beautiful, with the statement at the exit. Our supporters weren’t there of course, but they had a great role today. They waited for us with five to six hundred people at the stadium, then they were there on many viaducts and at the hotel where we ate they were still with fireworks. They wanted to show that they supported us, we felt that on all sides.”

Where Jeroen Veldmate couldn’t remember what he was doing when he headed in the winning one and “just jumped over the boarding”, Lukkien literally didn’t know what he was doing anymore. “I really don’t remember, but I was very happy. It’s finally happening for once. How Veldmate celebrates that goal, with the whole team together at that branch, apparently it had to be. I had goosebumps on my arms.”

Deal handed out

Afterwards, the coach addressed his players in the locker room. “I told the boys that I am very proud of what we have done. Because in the phase we are in, you can also think very quickly after that 1-0: here we go again. But they haven’t given up, that’s the least you can expect, but I can enjoy it. Moreover, we may have given Cambuur the final blow and put a lot of pressure on FC Groningen.”