World Cup diary

    Status: 11/22/2022 8:38 p.m

    Sports show reporter Marcus Bark reports in the World Cup diary about the football World Cup in Qatar, his impressions and encounters.

    Gooooooool. What kind of one is that? Ball is in midfield. Why is he yelling like that? 20 seconds later he is in goal. So the colleagues from Argentina have left the worldview that is only minimal behind live. Kinda stupid to always hear beforehand when something important happens. But somehow someone would have to get up to get the remote control. It’s also kind of funny when someone yells “Goooooooool” several times, but then the goals are conceded again.

    Rollercoaster World Cup Edition

    At the fifth Goooooooool it counts, but it rings with the Argentines. oops And again oops. The World Cup has to recover from this shock with two 0-0 draws. Seven minutes of added time in Mexico against Poland are the new punctual final whistle.

    At BeIN Sports, the large and influential sports broadcaster based in Doha, Ruud Gullit analyzes the game. Hours earlier, Lothar Matthäus was in the picture. The time travel begins immediately. 32 years to San Siro. What a game. Diego Buchwald, Jürgen Klinsmann, Lama Rijkaard, angry Aunt Käthe, Heribert Faßbender, who wishes the referee back to the pampas.

    Travel back in time, “BeIN Sports” switches to the front of the stadium and asks fans. Rarely good. Swiss cap woman says she has no idea who could win the tournament but Saudi Arabia played well. Ah?

    Germany has not yet arrived at football

    The bandage. It’s still a topic for the Germans, who will soon be playing soccer, but might even want to go to court first. Hansi Flick says it would be a good sign if there was a win against Japan at the start. The question wasn’t meant that way, but the main thing was signs.

    Advertisement at “BeIN Sports”. Then a spot with John Terry. He’s an expert there now. Oh look. Google also kicked out Arsène Wenger, as well as Kaka, David Villa, Marcel Desailly, Gabriel Batistuta, Gary Neville, Alessandro Del Piero and Lothar Matthäus. This works out.

    What’s in the local newspaper? The ultimate test of who sells the best mulled wine at the Christmas market. That’s right, you said something about the Winter World Cup. Quickly forgotten when at 10 a.m. the soup runs down your back just by watching.