World Cup diary

    Status: 11/27/2022 11:16 p.m

    Sports show reporter Marcus Bark reports in the World Cup diary about the football World Cup in Qatar, his impressions and encounters.

    Name your children Costa! Or Rica! “It’s Costa Rica’s first shot on target at this World Cup”says the reporter from BeIn Sports after the goal for two teams. Stupid Germany. Expert Didier Domi still hits “That’s football” out, that rounds things off.

    The market rules. Laundry service via app works great. Handed in at reception on Saturday, picked up at reception a good 24 hours later. Everything fine, even on hangers. “We’d love to come here next time. We’ve just got a 40 percent discount”, says the man. Already known. There was another note under the door with the offer. The market rules.

    SMS from home. “1:0 call”, after just a few minutes. Ultimately, the sports fans are sent home with a score of 4:1. Double pack Calle, double pack Fabse. Ketti, more of a rustic style, with a pitch like a soccer player. Everything went today. Enormously important points for staying up in the district league A. Walk on.

    Drive to Al Khor for the other game. Today Abdi is driving from Kenya. “Everything was desert here until Qatar got the World Cup”, says Abdi and points to everything tall and glittering that only in the dark no longer reminds one of the desert. Abdi likes to talk. After the World Cup he moves on and becomes a truck driver in Poland. He likes it in Qatar. “The Qatari government is good. Free electricity, free hospital and doctor, no taxes.” Only the companies come off badly. “Very bad”, says Abdi. If someone complains, get out immediately. “But the bosses aren’t from Qatar, most are Indian.”

    Draw against Spain. Full pitcher comes, full pitcher shoots, full pitcher hits. Call your children gap!