Photo: Tom Fisk/Pexels

    Development Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) has ruled out a crisis-related postponement of the start of the supply chain law. "The German law has been passed and will come into force in January 2023. That’s what the coalition agreement says"said Schulze to the news portal "t-online". FDP Vice Johannes Vogel had previously called for a postponement to the beginning of 2024 at the earliest "now no additional bureaucratic chains" to create.

    From 2023 onwards, the law will oblige larger companies to respond to abuses when purchasing materials and parts from abroad and to take remedial action. Aid organizations and trade unions are given the opportunity to represent those affected before German courts in the event of violations. Business associations complain that there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. "This is about a lean, electronic reporting process, not about bureaucratic chains"said Schulze. Especially in these times, the economy needs reliability. (dpa)