Detour no longer necessary: ​​this day the cycle path along the A12 will reopen

The Nelson Mandela Bridge has been open again for walkers, cyclists and travelers since Thursday 26 January. But the Nootdorpsepad, the cycle path along the A12, is still closed to traffic. How long will that take?

Cyclists, scooter and moped riders have had to detour since December 14. The Nootdorpsepad is closed between the intersections with the Waterpad and the Delftsewallenpad due to work on the defective Mandela bridge.

Workshop along the A12

During the work on the Mandela Bridge, the cycle path was used as a work area. For example, bulldozers and trucks were set up here. And after the dismantling of the bridge, the detached bridge section was placed on the work site. The work is now slowly being completed, so the cycle path can open again soon.

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Work at the Mandela Bridge. Photo: in the neighborhood of Zoetermeer

Safe cycling

The municipality has announced that the Nootdorpsepad will reopen on March 24. The fact that this will take a while has to do with securing the site. The municipality wants to make sure that cyclists can safely use this route again. So please be patient!

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