Dest still needs one goal for a full tank: ‘Otherwise I have to wash the car’

Sergino Dest personally shot PSV to victory over Go Ahead Eagles. The left back scored the only goal of the evening and his second of the season. The PSV defender still needs to score one more goal to win a bet with assistant Rob Maas.

Sergino Dest has to score three goals from assistant coach Rob Maas. “I did indeed make that bet with him. He thought I should have a better return. And rightly so, because I think so too,” Dest said afterwards.

If that doesn’t work, he’ll have an unpleasant job waiting for him. “If that doesn’t work, I have to wash Rob Maas’ car by hand. Of course I don’t want to do that. But if I score three times, he will fill my car with gas. That’s a nice chat. It’s good that the trainer challenges me.”

“A slightly less intense match would have been nicer for Dortmund.”

Dest had another great opportunity in the second half to finally put his full tank into the shot. “Unfortunately the goalkeeper was still there. But I’ll make it. That is also necessary.”

It is becoming clearer every week that PSV will win the title. Whether they also go to the quarter-finals of the Champions League is a more exciting question. PSV will face Borussia Dortmund in Germany on Wednesday. After the draw in Eindhoven, it is a true final. What will have to be improved is taking advantage of the opportunities, as trainer Peter Bosz knows.

“I hope that Veerman and Saibari can train tomorrow or Monday at the latest.”

“Today we let Go Ahead Eagles live. We should have made it 2-0 in the first half. Then you would also have had a less intense match. That would have been nicer towards Dortmund. Now Babadi also gets a tap on the knee in the last minutes.”

Isaac Babadi would be the third midfielder that PSV may have to miss in Dortmund. In Deventer, Joey Veerman and Ismael Saibari were absent and it remains unclear whether they will be able to join for the crucial match. “I hope they will join us tomorrow or Monday at the latest,” Bosz gave some hope. But he could not yet give any certainty.

PSV will train tomorrow, after which the players will have a day off on Sunday. Then there will be full training towards Dortmund. “For the first time, we now have four days off before a European match, while Dortmund is still in action tomorrow. That is an advantage. I’m itching to play that match on Wednesday,” concluded Bosz.


PSV narrowly defeated Go Ahead Eagles on Friday evening and remains undefeated in the competition.