UpdateIslamic Jihad has agreed to a ceasefire to rest weapons in the Gaza Strip. The file was proposed by Egyptian mediators. Israel had previously agreed to the proposal.

    The practical details of the agreement are not yet known, but the weapons should be silenced from 9.30 p.m. Belgian time. There have been several air strikes on Gaza in recent hours. According to Hamas, the militant group that rules in the area, five people (including four children) were killed. The missile alarm also went off in the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv.

    Islamic Jihad hopes the pledge will ensure the release of two detainees: Bassem Saadi, a top executive of the Palestinian group arrested this week in the West Bank city of Jenin, and Khaled Awawdeh.

    Palestinians carry a child killed in the Israeli attack on a refugee camp in Gaza. (07/08/22) © ANP / EPA


    Egypt has been attempting since Friday to mediate in the conflict and “return to calm”. The country has traditionally been an important mediator between Israel and the armed groups in Gaza. Egypt is also complicit in the total isolation of the population of the strip by generally keeping the six-mile border between Egypt and the strip closed

    Israel has been bombing the densely cordoned strip of land where more than two million Palestinians are trapped since Friday. More than 5000 inhabitants per square kilometer live in the region. Israel justifies those attacks “for fear of retaliation” after the arrest of Saadi and Awawdeh. As of Friday, 43 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

    Israel's Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired from Gaza at Ashkelon in Israel.  (07/08/22)

    Israel’s Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired from Gaza at Ashkelon in Israel. (07/08/22) © AP

    Islamic Jihad responds to attacks with hundreds of rockets on cities in Israel. According to the Israeli army, almost all of these are intercepted with the so-called ‘Iron Dome’. No deaths or injuries have been reported on the Israeli side so far.