Deodorant for teenagers: which ones to choose and why

THE hormonal changes are the key figure of adolescence and they do not only involve the face with pimples and acne but also the body: in this period it is above all sweat to change.

«Its quantity increases and the odor is also modified, particularly in the axillary area, it becomes more acrid. The solution, in addition to proper daily cleansing, is choose the right deodorant for teenagerspossibly without flavorings, so as to be hypoallergenic “he explains Daniela Orlando Aesthetic Doctor and Consultant of Giuliani’s HMAP Laboratory.

Deodorant for teenagers, how the body changes during puberty

During puberty the amount of sweat produced increases, as does his own decomposition by bacteria produces a bad smell.

“This happens because puberty is marked by physiological hormonal changes, in particular by androgens, which they stimulate the sweat glands which begin to produce a greater amount of sweat. This creates a warm, moist environment on the skin which in turn promotes it proliferation of bacteria that decompose the sweat itself causing the bad smell»Explains the expert.

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Hygiene and cleanliness to counteract bad odors

In addition to the deodorant it is therefore necessary to teach how to take care of yourself by adopting one proper personal hygiene.

«It is essential to explain the need to change clothes in direct contact with the skin every day. Especially in the summer it is better prefer natural fabrics to synthetic onesFurthermore, when doing sports, perhaps at school or where it is not possible to take a shower immediately afterwards, bring wet wipes and a change of shirt ».

The fundamental ally is the deodorant, «which only works if combined with a correct daily care. In fact, it is enough to apply it once a day after a shower ».

Choose the deodorant: alcohol-free and fragrance-free

So how to choose the right teen deodorant? First of all avoid those with a particularly intense scent thinking that they can avoid bad smell: natural fragrances and essential oils are in fact more persistent and effective.

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Furthermore, it would be better “opt for antibacterial deodorants that contain ingredients that reduce the amount of germs. Fewer germs cause less odor ».

Alternatively, deodorants for sensitive skin are also ideali.e. without parabens and synthetic dyes, which could result as potential allergens, e alcohol-based ones should be avoided which can be irritating due to the high production of germs.

Anti-perspirant deodorants, are they okay?

“These particular deodorants contain aluminum salts and they may be suitable in these cases because they work by narrowing the pores in order to reduce the secretion of sweat”.

In other words, “they prevent the formation of unpleasant odors because they reduce, in an absolutely localized way to the area of ​​application, the amount of sweat produced also lowering the proliferation of germs“.

This particular function of anti-perspirant deodorants has often lead to suspicion of this category because they are considered to be hazardous to health. “In reverse there are in-depth studies that confirm the safety of aluminum salts in deodorant and anti-perspiration products in the usual concentrations and if used no more than once a day “concludes the expert.