Deniz Çakır’s love has been documented! Hand in hand with her new boyfriend

Deniz Çakır was spotted with her new love, Bilgehan Baykal. The couple, who came out of the concert they went to hand in hand, separated their hands when they saw the cameras.

Deniz Çakır has not been involved in any project for a while. The famous actress, who leads a life away from the screen, tries to stay away from the magazine. Deniz Çakır watched the Batsheva Ensemble dance show at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall the previous evening. There was also Bilgehan Baykal next to Çakır. The couple walked out of the hall, hand in hand.

The duo, who panicked when they saw the magazine reporters in front of them, separated their hands from each other. Deniz Çakır from the couple, who moved away from each other, only said everything is fine about their relationship.

The question of whether there will be a marriage this summer made Çakır laugh.