Seasonal vegetables and fruits in May: what to plant

30M.Agio is the month that officially greets winter, especially when it comes to crops. It is in fact in these 31 days that winter protections are completely eliminated and the most colorful fruit and vegetables of the year are harvested. Don’t forget: this is also the time of fertilizing and planting all that will grow between summer and autumn.

Vegetables and fruit, in May in the garden and on the balcony

Great works in the vegetable garden in May. This is the ideal month to organize your garden or balcony: you go from transplant all the species sown during the first months of the year ai pesticide treatments up to adding compost to the soil.

Also, this is the suitable time to transplant directly into the ground, to help with trellises or stakes the growth of some plants, primarily tomatoes, but also beans, peas, green beans and courgettes, so that they can grow straight, while the new seeds can be planted directly on the ground. Also keep in mind the temperatures: they start to rise to where it is best to water early in the morning and in the eveningso as not to wilt the plants.

Between vegetables and fruit, what to harvest and plant

Lush month, May is the time to harvest and sow. In fact, melons and watermelons can be sown in the garden or in pots depending on the spaceso that they will be ready and thirst-quenching for the summer, while the first cherries and strawberries, medlars and peaches are ready to be harvested. Blueberries can be transplanted into the ground, for the rest of the fruit you have to wait until the end of the month.

May is also the ideal time to plant the new seeds in the ground, in particular lettuce, radicchio, chicory, salad, rocket, courgette, also round, broccoli, carrots, cabbage and cabbage, rhubarb; while cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, cabbage and tomatoes are ready to be transplanted directly into the soil.

The moment of aromatic plants

Their time has also come: on the balconies and in the vegetable gardens there is a scent of aromatic plants, from sage to rosemary, from thyme to parsley. But let’s go in order: this month is the right time for plant and enjoy these plants.

In particular of sage, rosemary, thyme and mint; in the hottest areas basil can already be harvested, while in the others it is the right time to plant it together with parsley. In addition, chamomile and mallow bloom. Not only in the kitchen, aromatic plants are also very useful in the garden or on the terrace itself because they help defend against parasites.