Denise lost her late husband’s wedding ring, who found it?

Denise van Rossum (41) from Den Bosch lost her husband Eddy last year in a terrible accident. He drowned in the Maas while trying to save their dog Jimmy. It is difficult for Denise to restart her life. Especially since she also lost her husband’s wedding ring during carnival in Oeteldonk on Saturday.

It was the darkest day in Denise’s life. Her husband, who walked their boomer Jimmy on the Maas in Den Bosch on June 19 last year, did not return. Jimmy was playing at the edge of the water and suddenly turned out to be swimming quite far into the Maas.

Jimmy was everything to Denise and her husband. Eddy, a sporty man, jumped into the Maas and tried to retrieve it. He got into trouble when he got caught in the suction of a freighter and could not be saved. Dog Jimmy survived the accident.

“As if it was her own fault that she lost him. But that is of course not true.”

“Denise hasn’t been doing well since then,” says her friend Daniëlle, who has been her source of support. Denise herself is unable to talk about the great loss. Daniëlle: “She is not yet fully working and spends a lot of time indoors. On Saturday she finally went into town with a few friends. We went to see the carnival in Oeteldonk. But things quickly went wrong there.”

In the hustle and bustle of Snellestraat, Denise had a panic attack and fled the city center, away from the carnival.

Her Eddy’s ring hung on a chain around her neck. She blacked out, ran away in panic, tripped and lost the necklace somewhere along the way. She lost the most important thing she owned from her husband on Saturday.

Daniëlle: “She is devastated and very sad. She is also ashamed that she wore the necklace in the city during carnival. As if it was her own fault that she lost it. But that is of course not true.”

“Maybe someone saw the necklace and ring on the floor and picked it up?”

Danielle: “I told her to get over her embarrassment to get that ring back. Maybe someone saw the necklace and ring on the floor and picked it up?” Eddy’s ring is engraved Edgar & Denise 14-09-2018. In addition to the ring, there is also a dog tag on the chain.

If you think you have found the necklace and/or wedding ring, please email: [email protected]

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