Den Helder Suns swallows defeat after smelling a stunt against Zwolle for a long time

Den Helder Suns suffered a new defeat in the BNXT league tonight. The team of coach Daniel Nelson was able to keep up with Landstede Hammers for more than half, but the difference was made in the last quarter and the opponent from Zwolle won 64-80.

Boyd van der Vuurst de Vries (l) tries to stop Tim Hoeve – Photo: Orange Pictures

Hammers started the game very strongly in the brand new Quelderduyn sports hall in Den Helder. In no time it was already 0-9 for the visitors. Suns was clearly not awake yet, but they fought their way back into the match. After the first quarter the difference was only 4 points: 16-20.

In the second quarter, the North Hollanders showed good basketball at times. Boyd van der Vuurst de Vries and Noah van der Heiden were important on behalf of Suns with a number of nice three-pointers. Halfway through, both teams barely avoided each other and the score was 35-38 in favor of the Zwolle team.

Text continues below the response from Boyd van der Vuurst de Vries.

Boyd van der Vuurst de Vries: “The speed in the attack was gone” – NH Sport

Just like at the start of the game, Suns also got off to a bad start in the third quarter. Hammers quickly increased their lead to 10 points just after half-time. Den Helder had to give chase for a second time, but this time the tank was empty. Den Helder had to lose out to the visitors, who ended the match thanks to their star player Noah Dickerson. The American in Zwolle’s service ultimately scored 25 points.

Due to the defeat, Den Helder Suns still remains bottom in the BNXT League after 14 games. The away match against Leiden is scheduled for next Saturday.

Suns coach Daniel Nelson: “The opponent was more ready” – NH Sport

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