Demonstration in Madrid to demand “greater climate ambition” from the Government

Just under a thousand people, according to data from the Government Delegation, have mobilized this Sunday through the streets of Madrid to demand “an end to fossil fuels and to demand greater climate ambition from the Government”on the occasion of the Climate Summit COP28 that is being celebrated these days in Dubai.

Under the motto ‘In the face of the climate emergency that we ALREADY suffer: solutions and not statements’the demonstration called by Fridays for Future-Youth for Climate, Climate Alliance and Greenpeaceamong other environmental organizations, ran from Puerta del Sol to Plaza de Cibeles, where the manifest set.

During the rally, which took place simultaneously in different cities, the spokesperson for Fridays For Future-Youth for Climate, Anton Diegoexplained to EFE that “Spain must lead an ambitious position regarding the ecological transition”, something that the Climate Alliance spokesperson agreed with, Belen Ortega.

symbolic ticket

During the tour, the protesters were accompanied by a symbolic 30 meter ticketwhich reflects, as highlighted by the Climate and Energy Manager WWF Spain, Mara Asuncion“the great cost that the planet will pay if we do not achieve ambitious emissions reduction targets.”

Political figures have also attended this event, as has been Maria Pastor, deputy spokesperson for Más Madrid, who has criticized Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida for the “indiscriminate” felling of trees in the city. She has also charged against the president of the Community, Isabel Diaz Ayusofor “wearing jackets that say ‘there is no planet b’, when their policies act as if there is.”

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For his part, the federal coordinator of Alianza Verde and deputy of Unidas Podemos in Congress, Juantxo Lopezhas highlighted the measures that governments must implement, such as a state card for public transport or “greater ambition in reducing emissions.”

During the reading of the manifesto, it was revealed the demands of the associations, such as the end of fossil fuels, the care of water as a scarce public good, the care of people’s health by reducing atmospheric pollution or the commitment to climate justice, among others.