‘Demolition Klabbe will start before summer 2024’

The old De Klabbe sports hall in Emmer-Compascuum will probably be demolished before the summer of 2024. Alderman René van der Weide will announce this this evening.

The old Klabbe has not been used since this year. The fifty-year-old building is out of use now that the successor of the same name on Creel, in the center of the village, opened its doors last autumn. On the site was the catering business of the Abeln family, which burned down in 2010, and an old church.

On the side of the Main Canal, 21 owner-occupied and rental apartments are being built by entrepreneur Ruud Plas. According to Van der Weide, these offer a beautiful view from the canal side.

Now that the old Klabbe is empty, the situation is desolate. “And that calls for problems,” said Dirk van Dijken of the CDA. He therefore wonders when the demolition hammer will be taken.

Councilor René van der Weide says that ecological research will first be done before it can be demolished, which will have to be done twice. “We already had the first round this fall. Nothing significant came out of it,” he explains. The second round is this spring. “After that we can switch to demolition and I assume that this will happen before the summer of 2024.”

The municipality has announced that it is considering housing development on the site that will become available.