Demi Schuurs and new doubles partner still have to get used to | 1Limburg

Tennis star Demi Schuurs has a good feeling about her new American doubles partner Desirae Krawczyk. However, the first results are somewhat disappointing. Schuurs has an explanation for this. “We click very well, but we still have to get used to each other.”

At the beginning of this year, Schuurs decided to say goodbye to her doubles partner Chan Hao-ching and to continue with Krawczyk.

For Schuurs, playing with the 28-year-old American is a relief. “Off the track I have never had such a good click with someone. During training sessions we know how to win a lot from other top players, but during matches it does not come out yet.” Schuurs has an explanation for this. “I am one of the few players in the doubles circuit who goes to the net so often. She then has difficulty determining where to stand. I am convinced that this will be fine. It is time to start winning again. ”

Schuurs has had a restless time. At the beginning of this year, for example, she was still recovering from an operation and last week she broke up with her travel coach Marco Kroes. “Unfortunately, we were not on the same page, not even in the business area. We are going to see how we are going to solve this.” Schuurs has been training for years with her regular trainer Philippe Goijens in Maaseik, he occasionally joins her on tournaments.

Schuurs wants to spend a lot of training hours with Krawczyk in the coming period and also gain competition rhythm. “We have a busy schedule: Stuttgart, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros, Rosmalen, Berlin and Wimbledon.”