The public prosecutor has demanded a five-year prison sentence against a 42-year-old man from Norg for a series of burglaries in North Drenthe. The suspect would also have to sit the 310 days (more than ten months) that he still has open.

    The suspect is said to have committed the burglaries in Norg, Een-West and Smilde between the end of August 2021 and the beginning of this year. His girlfriend was also supposed to report in this case, but did not show up.

    The suspect denied most of the burglaries and kept his jaws tight. The man was also silent about the role of his girlfriend.

    His partner got things rolling when she lugged a television set near her home. She told the local police officer without hesitation that the device came from the canteen of the tennis club, and that her friend was still working on the squat there.

    Officers caught the man in the act. He has since been detained, also because the serial burglar still had a suspended sentence open.

    The burglaries have had a significant impact on society. One victim said she waited for the police for two hours, afraid the burglar might still be in the house.

    The Eventing Norg Foundation reported that it had lost 8,000 euros in walkie-talkies, as well as a large number of heavy tools. It was feared that the annual hippique competition could not take place. Another victim is missing heirlooms from her grandmother and brother.

    If it is up to the prosecutor, the Norger will remain in prison for a while. “Everyone in Norg must know someone who has suffered from these break-ins. This has a huge impact in such a small place.” He seriously blames the suspect for his laconic behavior.

    The defendant’s lawyer pointed out that virtually all the evidence consists of the statements of the defendant’s partner and called the officer’s demand “disproportionately high and deviating from the guidelines.” She argued for a considerably shorter prison sentence, combined with community service.

    The public prosecutor also found that the compensation of the Golfclub Holthuizen in Roden, the Eventing Norg Foundation and several private individuals should be awarded.

    The suspect’s girlfriend will have to answer for her part in the burglaries at another time. The court will rule in two weeks.