D’Elia to Lacalle Pou: “I’ll stay with my Argentina” and “a bit of inflation”

The social leader Luis D´Elia crossed on Twitter the president of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Poucomparing to Argentina with the neighboring country and affirming that Uruguay has a “stable and expensive” economy with “zero popular consumption” and that “it stays with Argentina”, even if there is “a little inflation”.

“On the Uruguayan side: strong currency, stable and expensive economy, zero popular consumption. On the Argentine side: a bit of inflation, 500,000 tourists on vacation, thousands of Uruguayans buying food, medicine, and clothing. I stay with my Argentina @LuisLacallePou”, D’Elia wrote in the bird network.

The crossing happened after the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa will speak at the summit of the CELAC of the decision of the governments of Argentina and Brazil to advance in a common currency. But his speech left a controversial impact, referring to Uruguay as “the younger brother” of Mercosur. “I believe that Uruguay is one of the smaller brothers of Mercosur, and Brazil and Argentina have the responsibility of taking care of it, like all smaller brothers,” said Massa.

The sayings did not go down well with the Uruguayan president, who, consulted about the controversial statements of the Argentine minister, replied: “Looks like Disneyland”. When asked to expand on his opinion, he insisted: “Disneyland.”

The Uruguayan was one of the voices with the greatest impact within the summit since it began. Although the president is committed to strengthening relations with Brazil, he criticized the fact that CELAC is “an ideological club of friends” where there are countries that do not respect “neither democracy, nor human rights nor institutions”, in reference to the governments of countries like Cuba, Nicaragua Y Venezuelawhose agent, Nicolas Maduro, decided not to appear at the summit after the controversy generated by his possible attendance. For these reasons, taking into account that D’Elía is ideologically in line with the government – which supported the possible assistance of the Caribbean president – motivated the response of the social leader on Twitter.

by RN

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