Deila: “It has to be better, because we are Club Brugge”

In the meantime, criticism of trainer Ronny Deila is growing. He is determined to fight and get a result now. “If the results are not good enough, if you no longer see how you can progress and get the best out of the players, then something will happen. But I can live with that. I don’t want anything to happen
happens, I want to stay here. I want to fight and achieve something with Club Brugge. I’m not thinking about leaving, I’m here for a reason. I think everyone, including the board, sees that we work hard together and that we believe in what we do.”

“But everyone agrees that the results should be better. Because we are Club Brugge. I really understand that. It is frustrating for me, just like for everyone in the club or for the supporters. You sleep poorly, you work day in and day out day out. But sometimes you also have to take a step back to see the broader story. And to give yourself energy again for the next match. And I feel that we are ready to go to Genk.”