Defense drops food parcels over Gaza | News item

News item | 07-03-2024 | 11:53

An Air Force C-130 transport plane has arrived in Jordan. In the coming days, the device will be used to drop food parcels over Gaza. Other countries are also participating. This was reported to the House of Representatives by letter today.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza has become even more dire in recent weeks. According to UN organizations, there is a threat of death from famine and dehydration. There is an urgent need for basic goods such as food.

The Netherlands continues to work with international partners to provide more humanitarian aid to the population. The cabinet calls on Israel to allow more aid. The most effective way to get goods into Gaza on a large scale is by land. Access via national borders is too limited. That is why this is now also done by air. Israel authorized the operation.

A month ago, the Netherlands, together with Jordan, dropped medical supplies over Gaza. These were intended for a Jordanian field hospital.


Due to the conflict between Hamas and Israel, an air force detachment is on standby in the Netherlands for humanitarian aid or possible evacuations. This also applies to units of the Marines and the Airmobile Brigade.