Deer shot after collision on Zeeweg in Overveen

A car and a deer collided on the Zeeweg in Overveen last night around a quarter to twelve. The deer suddenly crossed and the 26-year-old Zandvoort resident, who was behind the wheel, could no longer avoid the animal.

The deer turned out to be alive after the impact and ended up in the central reservation. “A wildlife team then ended the animal’s life,” said a police spokesperson. Text continues under the photo.

Trapwild team on the Zeeweg Sunday evening – Photo: VLN News

The driver of the car was not injured. However, his car was damaged at the front, including the hood and bumper. Text continues under the photo.

Police examine the damage to the car after the collision with the deer – Photo: VLN News

Collisions with deer regularly occur on the Zeeweg. Zandvoort resident Willem van der Sloot has been fighting for years for a fence along the road, so that animals can no longer jump over the current fencing, which is in poor condition.

According to Willem, the deer are fleeing from the hunters and he fears accidents with much worse outcomes. So far, he has had difficulty getting the authorities involved to join him in his fight.

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