Debuting rastakeeper from AZ sings ‘Three Little Birds’ during initiation: “I’m called Bob Marley”

A cult hero was born in AZ. And while Kiyani Zeggen is only 17 years old. The goalkeeper made his professional football debut against Telstar with a 1-1 draw and immediately made an impression. Last week he attended training camp with the first team. “I had to sing,” says the AZ Rasta goalkeeper. who sang Three Little Birds at the initiation.

Zeggen, who was only 17, felt like a fish in water. He simply plucked balls out of the air and played football like an experienced goalkeeper. He compares his style of goalkeeping with Manuel Neuer. As a ‘sweeper keeper’ he regularly distributed the play just behind the last line.

Last week he was also with the first team at a training camp in Marbella. Suddenly he was among the stars of AZ 1. “It took some getting used to. I don’t come there often,” says the goalkeeper, who was quickly included in the group.

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Trainer Jan Sierksma was impressed by the debuting goalkeeper. “Great,” was how the coach described Zeggen’s performance. “How he holds his own, plays balls through the ashes, cuts out someone at risk, I thought he was safe with high balls and I am very pleased with that.”