Debuting AZ coach Maarten Martens comes away unscathed: “Not good enough”

There was great relief at AZ, but the feeling of disappointment still prevails. The equalizer came in the final minute against PEC Zwolle (2-2) during the first match under new coach Maarten Martens.

After the dismissal of Pascal Jansen, Martens was promoted as ultimately responsible. He only had two days to get the machine working again. At times it worked, but… overalls The supporters once again saw a slow AZ, which found it difficult to create opportunities.

It was a special week for AZ player Dani de Wit. He saw Jansen say an emotional farewell to the group. “It is always difficult,” says De Wit. “That affects everyone. It is up to us to move on and show our best game again. Ultimately, the coach was fired, but we as a group of players are perhaps just as responsible or more responsible for the game.”

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De Wit is having a changeable season. The midfielder started the season as a starter, but suddenly became third choice in midfield during the poor series. He has been back in the starting lineup for the last few games. “I think because I keep doing my thing and score a goal every now and then.”

The fact that De Wit has an expiring contract fuels rumors of a winter departure from Alkmaar. The Italian Lecce is said to be interested. “I have not spoken to that,” says De Wit, who can say that there is interest. “The approach is to stay at AZ.”