Death in house fire, someone jumps out of window

Someone died in a fire in a corner house on Elsbeemd in Oosterhout on Monday night. The safety region reports this. Three people were injured.

The fire was discovered around 3 a.m. When the fire brigade arrived, flames were already shooting from the top of the corner house.

Someone managed to save themselves by jumping out of the window on the first floor.

Breathing problems
There was also a fire in the neighbor’s house, on the ground floor. The residents of that house were able to get away in time. They felt short of breath because of the smoke and were taken to a hospital with breathing problems.

The fire brigade scaled up to fight the fire.

Strong gasoline smell
According to a 112 correspondent, there was a strong smell of gasoline around the corner house. After all extinguishing work, the police cordoned off both houses at the front and back with tape. The police technical investigation team and fire investigation team are investigating the fire.